“Bodrum was my freedom.”

- Ayla Emiroğlu

After a long journey of more than twenty years creating Mediterranean-inspired dishes at Maçakızı, we have decided to take it a step further with Ayla.

Inspired by the cherished memories of Ayla Emiroğlu, Ayla is a true gastronomy experience adorned with a beautiful view and delicacies given to us by the opulent lands of the Turquoise Coast. With an ever-changing menu and exquisite dishes that embody the soul of the Mediterranean, we welcome you to Ayla, a culinary tribute to the remarkable Queen of Hearts as well as a celebration of Bodrum.

-Chef Aret Sahakyan

Deriving inspiration from Bodrum, Ayla invites guests on a new gastronomic journey through the flavors of the Aegean and Mediterranean, curated by the Michelin-starred Chef Aret Sahakyan.

Inspired by the cherished memories of Ayla Emiroğlu, the founder of Maçakızı – the hotel that surrounds Ayla with its lush gardens, Ayla emerges as a culinary tribute to Bodrum and its history. Offering exquisite dishes prepared with ethically sourced local and seasonal ingredients, Ayla is a celebration of Bodrum's heritage. Embodying the soul of the Queen of Hearts, Ayla pays homage to the indelible legacy of Ayla Emiroğlu and the enduring spirit of Bodrum, one plate at a time.


Kesire Mevkii, Narçiçeği Sok. 48400 Göltürkbükü, Maçakızı Hotel
Near Bodrum / Türkiye